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Installation & Retrofit Services

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Service

AGHS’s team of trained insulation technicians can attack holes, gaps and areas of missing insulation with air sealing and blown loose fill cellulose. Adding insulation to an attic can regulate temperatures inside your home, lower energy usage and improve indoor air quality.  We have insulation solutions for every application including:

-Loose-fill cellulose and loose-fill fiberglass to cover all cracks, crevices, twists and turns in most attics.  Loose fill insulation also creates the best insulation to surfact contact to provide effective treatment that gets results.
-Fiberglass Batting insulation in a variety of R-Value sizes for the application that it is needed.  Some examples of where rolled insulation is used would be in kneewalls, open wall bays where insulation is required and some areas in an attic may required the need for fiberglass batting such as smaller thermal bypasses and skylight cavity walls.
-Rigid Foamboard insulation is a fantastic product that can be used to treat several different areas of the thermal boundary that will require both air sealing and insulation and also in places where simple one-part spray foam will not be an effective remedy.  Blocking and sealing is a technique to fill in large gaps and voids with rigid foam and then use sealing (one-part spray foam) to seal the edges.

Crawlspace & Basement Insulation

AGHS is qualified to assess a crawl space or basement rim joist and recommend the proper solution for sealing and insulating the perimeter (area to outside) for better comfort, energy usage and indoor air quality.  The foundation of a home is a key area to consider and attack when initiating a whole home insulation project.  The basement and crawl space areas, if not properly sealed and insulated, can be a source of cold air infiltration in the winter and warm, humid air in the summer.

Heating and Cooling – HVAC Replacements

Combine your weatherization package with a new HVAC system for increased rebates.  AGHS has competitive prices for top brands.