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Solar Installations

Advanced Green Home Solutions:  The Future of Solar Today

Advanced Green Home Solutions, a BGE and Pepco award-winning energy efficiency company since 2014, uses a whole-house approach to assess your home and reduce your energy costs. Trust your solar experience with our Building Performance Institute certified technicians. We are an elite BPI GoldStar contractor with NABCEP certified solar installations. Unlike other contractors, your solar installation package includes a certified comprehensive BPI energy audit and efficiency improvements inside the home for an optimal end result.

With utility bills rising and the recent Inflation Reduction Act increasing the federal tax credit to 30% of your total solar package, there has never a better time to take control of your energy and to go solar. Trust us with your investment by requesting your proposal and presentation today.

More great reasons to go solar:

  1. Have a low and stable energy bill for the next 25 years versus annual utility increases of 4% for the next 25 years. Do the math!
  2. No money down financing options
  3. Take advantage of financial incentives to help pay for your system:

30% Federal Solar Tax Credit* – 30% of your total solar project cost may be used as a dollar-for-dollar credit on your tax return using the IRS 5695 form.

Net Metering – Maryland customers are eligible for 1:1 net metering until the State has reached 1500 MWs of net metered projects. This cap is not expected to be met before 2024.  Any excess electricity generated on a monthly basis will be stored on the customer’s account as a negative KWh to be used on a future bill.  Excess credits remaining on the customer’s account during April will be paid out to the homeowner at a wholesale rate.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS) – Homeowners are paid the market rate for the SRECs they generate over time.  The market rate fluctuates over time and in 2022, SREC values were approximately $60 per SREC.  Payments are made the month following the month an SREC is generated.

$1,000 MEA Clean Energy Rebate Program – After your system is activated, you may apply for the state rebate to receive $1,000.

County Tax Credits*

Anne Arundel County:    Up to $2,500

Harford County:              Up to $2,500

Baltimore County:           Up to $5,000

Prince George’s County: Up to $5,000

*Please consult your tax advisor to apply for tax credits. For state and county incentives, Maryland property must be your primary residence to qualify.

Next Steps After Signing Your Contract

The process for installing solar can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days, as each step in the process is dependent on the one before, including market regulations, utility provider, and local permitting and backlogs. The main stages presented below are provided to give you a general idea about next steps.

Virtual Survey


This is a simple and guided process that you or your solar representative can perform. It involves taking photos around your home of things like your roof, utility meter, electrical panel, and where you would like to install the solar equipment.

Design & Engineering


Following your site survey, the information will be sent to a design team to put together the final plans for your system. Based on the results of your site survey, capacity needs, and your design preferences, we’ll design a custom solar energy system to maximize your savings.

Contract & Document Collection


Once you receive your final designs, the next step is to sign the Home Improvement Contract and validation of lender documents.

Comprehensive Energy Audit


Once your solar contract is finalized, our scheduler will book your certified energy audit or refresh a past audit to assess your energy efficiency needs within the home. Solar works optimally when your home interior is running as efficient as possible.

Permitting & Interconnection


We work on your behalf to navigate state and municipal requirements, homeowners associations (HOAs), and utility paperwork—moving your project from design to install with the ultimate efficiency.

Assuming we have all the signatures needed to move forward, we proceed with getting permits from the town and interconnection approvals from the utility company. Timelines vary based on your town and utility company.


1-2 DAYS

Once permits are in place, our experienced build team steps in. We’ve vetted and partnered with the best clean energy experts in Maryland to ensure your solar power installation is skillful, timely, and precise.



We’ll schedule the final inspection and work with your local utility company to get you connected, fast, to solar power energy and savings.

Permission to Operate


You can think of this as the end goal. After your solar energy system has been installed and has passed all necessary inspections, we’ll need to receive permission to operate from your local utility company.

This generally involves an application, an inspection, the installation of a new, bi-directional energy meter (capable of tracking both the energy you produce and the energy you use), and final approval, after which you will be connected to the grid and can start saving money with the solar energy you produce.  Connection!