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Quick Home Energy Check-Up Program

No Cost Inspections and No Cost Smart Thermostats!

The Quick Home Energy Check-up program for BGE, Pepco and Delmarva customers is offered through EmPOWER Maryland and has saved residents millions of kilowatt hours in energy for over 10 years. Advanced Green Home Solutions is a select contractor approved by the utilities for this service.

What is a Quick Home Energy Check-up? In just one hour or less, our technician will perform a visual walk-through of your home and install no cost energy upgrades, where eligible. There is no cost and no catch to learn about your home’s energy efficiency and to start saving energy immediately.

How it works

1. Walk-Through: After booking your Check-up with us, our certified energy efficiency technician will come to your home and perform a walk-through to inspect the condition of the following items:

● Insulation levels
● Air leakage
● Heating and cooling systems
● Windows and doors
● Lighting and appliances
● Water-heating equipment

2. Upgrades: We’ll install energy-saving measures that may include the following items, at no additional cost:

● LED light bulbs
● Faucet aerators
● Efficient-flow showerheads
● Water heater pipe insulation
● “Smart” power strips
● ShowerStart®
showerhead adapter
● Smart Thermostat

3. Report: After the Check-up is completed, you’ll receive a report that includes recommendations to help you reduce your energy use and save money.


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Trust Advanced Green Home Solutions for all of your home energy needs:

● Angie’s List Super Service Awards 2022-2016
● BGE Century Club Award Winner
● EPA Lead Safe Certified

BGE, PEPCO and Delmarva Approved Contractor:

● Quick Energy Energy Check-Ups (QHECs)
● Comprehensive Energy Audits
● Full Weatherization Retrofits

State of Maryland Approved, Licensed and Insured Contractor