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Customer Testimonials


“I want to give a HUGE thank you to Kathy, Matt, Tom and crew from Advanced Green Home Solutions. This company performed a BGE home energy audit on our house, two weeks ago. They went above and beyond to diagnose and repair a major air leak in one of our two foot bump outs. There was a constant 10-15 degree temperature variance in one of our bedrooms. It was as if a window was constantly open. This past weekend, we had them air seal our entire house, as well as insulate our bump outs on both the front and back of the house and our entire attic. What a difference this has made!! Our house is no longer drafty, and 67 degrees feels VERY cozy in our house, as opposed to 72, that we used to keep our thermostat on. Our heat actually reaches the temp on the thermostat and shuts off because the house maintains a set temperature now. The work crew that performed the work, was utmost professional and took great care to make sure the problematic issues were addressed and repaired. They even worked through 27 degree weather for 12 straight hours, until the job was done. BGE paid $2000 toward the total invoice, so it ended up being VERY affordable out-of-pocket, for all that was done. My husband and I are so amazed by how many air leaks, a home could have. We had major air leaks in all of our recessed lighting, bump outs, and all over our attic (that was sucking warm air from our living areas). I would highly recommend having a BGE home energy audit! So happy to have gone this route!”
Cara Malfi, Annapolis

“Matt and Tom were very impressive. I really enjoyed talking with Matt throughout the day and I have never seen a harder working guy than Tom – and on a Sunday!”
Patrick Hipp, Severn

“5 stars – Unreal work. Tom stayed for almost 12 hours making sure everything was sealed and insulated properly. I would recommend these guys to anyone with a cold drafty house! Well done!”
Todd Kerley, Severna Park

“Our usage is in now in the “Good” range. We are dealing with a heat pump in this weather so are very satisfied with the outcome of the insulation work.”
Don Niederkruger, Severn

“I want to thank Matt and everyone at Advanced Green Home Solutions. Upstairs has improved significantly when it comes to staying warm. I received my BGE Energry Report and it is Great.
Again thank you so much….”
Antoinette Wells, Millersville

“Hi Kathy. Your crew did a great job. They left around 8pm. I really appreciate the great customer service from everyone, including yourself, as well as the level of thoroughness included in the service. I can’t wait to see the test-out results. Thank you!”
Keyhana Wakefield,Temple Hills

“Bill and his team were exemplary! They performed with exceptional professionalism. Their knowledge and job experience left me with no doubt that I was in the presence of Contractor Greatness! They were courteous, prompt, prepared, and informed us of every step. They left no detail uncovered, prepared the work space to make it safe. They cleaned up after themselves and left the house spotless.

There was only one downside. My wife liked their work so much that she left with them. I will miss her.”
William Gibson, Baltimore

“My experience with this company has been great – they were here for two days and all
the workers(crew) were very knowledgeable in there work and very efficient at their job –
I trusted all of them while they were here doing work in my house. Ending Notes – My house now feels 100% than it did before they did the workand my central air conditioning unit now cooling down the house properly. And because of the insulation work that was done in my house it is feeling very comfortable and livable now. So if you are ever in need of any type of insulation in your home i would suggest this company 100% – I am glad i did”
Afred Lane, Baltimore

“Kathy—we could not possibly have been more pleased with the level of service we received from your company. Everyone was great to work with and thoroughly exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to seeing our next BGE bill in January but can already tell the home is far more comfortable.

I just submitted the review on Angie’s List. Again, please accept our thanks for a great experience!! We are already singing your praises to the neighbors.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
Pat Flood, Davidsonville

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