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As a general practice, Advanced Green Home Solutions will always strive to deliver the highest quality service to our customers while maintaining safe and healthy practices for both our employees and our clients. 

We follow the recommendations by the CDC and local officials to contain the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. These practices include but are not limited to: 

  • Masks or respirators are worn at all times in customer’s homes and in the office. 

  • Gloves are worn at all times in customer’s homes. 

  • Staff maintains 6 feet of social distance in customer’s homes and in the office at all times.

  • Staff wash their hands frequently throughout the day. 

  • Frequently touched surfaces in customer homes during jobs, in the office and in the crew’s trucks are sanitized daily. 

  • All retrofit technicians are OSHA trained for occupational safety, and all auditors are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) which covers a broad range of fields including ventilation and safe indoor air quality.

  • At the start of a job, the crew leader speaks with the homeowner and fellow crew members wait in the truck to limit contact.  Once the plan has been explained by the crew manager, the work will commence in either the attic space or crawlspace, depending on the job. 

  • Once the project has been completed, along with our normal cleaning procedures, crew members sanitize all work areas for our customers.

  • Our office manager will ask COVID-19 safety questions to all QHEC, audit, and retrofit customers.

  • Following all services, customers are asked to complete a safety survey to ensure all protocols were followed by our staff.  Surveys are submitted to our crew leaders for review. 


Thank you for trusting Advanced Green Home Solutions for your services!